Cashew is adapted to warm humid tropical conditions. It can be grown in almost all types of soils from sandy to laterite and up to an elevation of 600-700 m including wastelands of low fertility. It grows and yields best in well-drained red sandy loams and light coastal sands. Heavy clay soils, poor drainage conditions, very low temperature and frost are unsuitable for the crop.

The Indian crop processed kernels are having a great demand in the world market due to its colour & taste . The Indian crop accounts to about approx 25% of the Global raw cashew nut production :

India is also the world’s largest importer of Raw cashew nuts to meet its processing needs. Following are the Raw cashew nuts exporting countries on the basis of quantity (highest to lowest order).

  • Ivory Coast
  • Tanzania
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Nigeria
  • Indonesia
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Mozambique
  • Gambia
  • Senegal
  • Mali

As Importers / brokers, we import / source the best raw cashew nuts as per the requirement of the processors here, from reliable shippers in west/east africa and handle a substantial volume every year . Kindly let us receive your best offers for new crop dried raw cashew nuts in USD basis per metric tonne C&F Mangalore,Tuticorin, Cochin, Vizag, Nhava sheva Port India and Catlai , Ho Chi Minh City Port Veitnam with full specifications including origin, outturn / yield , nutcount , moisture , foreign matters , shipment period , payment terms etc.

Usually we buy on Shipped Quality Landed Weight terms ,occassionaly we also buy on Landed Quality Landed Weight terms depending upon the circumstance . We insist to ascertain the raw nuts are dried thoroughly before stuffing onto container and to examine carefully the jute bags used are also dry to reduce moisture damage , thereby resulting in good yield .