Commercial Info

Indian Cashew Kernels: the Cashew Kernels shall be obtained through factory processing (roasting/steaming, shelling and peeling) cashewnuts (Anacardium Occidentale )

Specifications :

Standard specifications for Indian Cashew Kernels for export have been laid down by the Government of India under the Export (quality Control and Inspection) Act 1963.

Quality Control & Pre-shipment Inspection :Cashew Kernels from India are subject to quality control and pre-shipment inspection. Cashew shipment from India is mainly in container of size 20 ft. that will carry about 700 Cartons. Offer for less than container load may also be accepted. DVK offers all presentation packaging mentioned above.In addition it is specialized in offering in packs of 500gms & 250gms mainly for domestic market.Ocean Freight is charged per Cubic Meter (Volume Basis). Freight for full container load (FCL) is fixed. It is more economical than freight for part container load (LCL).

1) Contracts are normally made on FOB or CIF basis.
2) Pricing in international trade in cashew is in U.S. dollars per lb (0.454gms). Quotation in other currencies will be available on request.
3) Business in Cashew is done on an offer and acceptance basis by telephone, Fax or E-Mail since the prices are subject to frequent fluctuations.
4) Insurance is on account of the buyer.
5) At the time of contract, the shipment month, grade and prices are to be clearly indicated. Sometimes DVK Group offer for shipments up to 6 months in advance.
6) Payment is usually

  • 100% CAD for well known buyer,
  • 10% to 20% advance and balance CAD terms,
  • 10% to 20% advance and balance TT
  • 100% TT After Shipment.
  • 100% TT Advance.

7) Standard documents like commercial invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Phyto Sanitary Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation Certificate issued by the Independent Surveyor are provided. Any other specific requirements have to be informed in advance by the buyer.

Inspection of cashews is being conducted under the basis consignment-wise inspection. It is ensured that the product is processed and packed as per the standards prescribed, confirmed the standards by drawing samples from finished product.

Cashew Kernels in bulk are packed in four gallon tins with a net weight of 11.34 Kg. (25 lb.) in each tin. The filled tins are then vacuumised and filled with Nitrogen gas and sealed. Two such tins of the same grade are packed in a carton for export. The net weight of a carton is thus 22.68 Kg. (50lbs). Some buyers also insist to pack in tins of 10Kgs. net to certain market to suit the requirements of buyers.

And also other kind of packing have been introduced. Multi-layer plastic bags of a capacity of 22.68kg each or 2 x 11.34 kg each are also available as a choice.